Monthly Passenger Turnover at Riga International Airport First Ever Exceeds Half a Million

In July 2010, for the first time in the history of Riga International Airport, passenger turnover exceeded half a million by reaching 520,856 which is a 20.7 percent increase compared to July last year when the passenger turnover was 431,518.

In the seven months of this year, Riga Airport has served 2,615,483 passengers which is by 16.2 percent or 364.118 passengers more than last year when the number of served passengers reached 2,251,365.

Yearly dynamics of passenger turnover at Riga International Airport over first seven months of the year:


In July 2010, the aircraft turnover was 6,932 which is by 20.5 percent more than in the year before when 5,753 aircraft were served. The total seven-month aircraft turnover this year is 38,752 which is by 14.1 percent more than last year when the aircraft turnover reached 33,974.

1,058 tons of various cargos have been processed in July, and that is by 44.9 percent more than in July, 2009 when 730 tons of cargo were processed. 6,495 tons of cargos have been processed over the first seven months of the year and that is by 31.6 percent more than the 4,934 tons of various cargos processed last year.





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