Latvian tourism objects – definitely should be seen

With the tourism exhibition-fair “Balttour 2016” drawing closer, Latvia’s regional tourist centres have selected eight Latvian tourism objects which should definitely be visited by every Latvian citizen and foreign visitor. Visit “Balttour 2016”; find out more information at the hall “Apceļo Latviju” and discover this country anew!


“Veczeme rocks” with its newly-opened campsite area and restaurant

Magnificent sandstone outcrops, which washed by sea waves, change their look every year and shine particularly bright in the pink sunset, are one of the truly beautiful natural heritages of the Latvian seashore! The campsite “Klintis” has found its home at “Veczemju klintis” where nature’s excellent values go hand in hand with the convenience required by modern man. There is also a restaurant called “Rankuļrags” where guests can taste steaming hot and exceptionally delicious meals at affordable prices.

Alūksne Pilssalas complex
The Livonian Order Castle Ruins is the central object of Pilssala, where a stage for open-air events is also located. Since last year, tourists can get a bird’s eye view of the city from here. This is thanks to the Alūksne viewing tower that has been built in Pilssala. Guests can get to the city from the tower using the new “Tempļakalns” pedestrian bridge, which during evening hours surprises everyone with beautiful plays of light, water and colours. The renovated “Brūža” building at the lake shore is home to the Alūksne Culture Centre and offers great emotions for visitors during a romantic concert or theatre performance full of adventures.


Liepāja Concert Hall “Lielais dzintars”
“Lielais dzintars” is the newest acoustic concert hall in Latvia. The architectural concept of it is based on the symbol of Liepāja – amber, which is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The architecture of the building is like music, which is constant and frozen in both time and amber. Excellent acoustics is the basis of this contemporary architecture building and it promises to provide an unforgettable experience for every visitor. Learn about the cultural event programme and opportunities to get to know “Lielais dzintars” using the tourist guide at “Balttour 2016”!

The Great Kemeri Bog
It is one of the largest moss bogs located along Latvia’s coast. The wooden boardwalk - which takes visitors on a 3.4 kilometre long walk, allowing one to fully enjoy the magic of the bog, has gained huge popularity. Meanwhile, climbing the tower you can see fantastic views from the top. Among the novelties added this year, is, where two attractive bog scientists and enthusiasts organise hikes and educational events in the bog to show the magic of it from another point of view. Incidentally, on Saturday 6 February the visitors of “Balttour 2016” will have a chance to make a reservation for some of the hikes because they also take place in winter – special swamp shoes are replaced with snow shoes.


Rundāle Palace Museum

It is an unaffected fundamental value of Zemgale – 235,695 people visited it last year. Rundāle Palace, which is the most outstanding baroque and rococo architectural monument in Latvia, will celebrate its 280th anniversary this year. A new room in classicism style, as well as two new exhibitions will be opened to mark this occasion. Certainly there will also be events – once a month the concert programme of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra is planned to be held in the palace. The International Early music festival XXII will culminate in the castle’s hall and park. On top of that, the traditional Garden Festival at the beginning of July promises to be particularly magnificent – with flower exhibitions and a broad entertainment programme.

Tērvete Nature Park

Wooden sculptures and winding pathways, bridges and boardwalks spanning the valley of the River Tērvete will take visitors into the fairy tale world of Latvian writer Anna Brigadere. This park is considered the most outstanding destination for European tourists in Latvia and has experienced several additions – a 39-m-tall viewing tower has been constructed there, which offers a breath-taking view of Zemgale, “The Happy Land’s air tracks” where children can feel the character of “Sprīdītis” have been made, and also a pedestrian bridge with a construction never seen in Latvia before has been built. During evening hours it is richly illuminated. Incidentally, it is also worth visiting the park during winter months – then the ice-rink is available and the pathways are perfect for skiing.


The Embassy of Latgale “Gors”
The Eastern Latvia’s Concert Hall is a place where the story of Latgale is both created and told. “Gors” speciality is the celebration of the Latgalian language. Ancient values, traditions and creation, language and events, the most significant global trends, art, culture, dance and songs converge here. “Gors” is a place which thrums and hums – concerts, theatre performances, art exhibitions, films, seminars and conferences are held here, there is a restaurant to celebrate life, as well as a playroom for children. At night, the illuminated concert hall obtains a surreal animated effect – it seems as if the whole building vibrates from the muted sounds of music. It is definitely a place worth visiting for everyone!

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre
A multi-functional contemporary art and culture centre is located in the Arsenal Building of Daugavpils Fortress where history goes hand in hand with contemporary art, creating a unique and inspiring place for self-expression and experience. As the centre continuously offers new and multiform art exhibitions, they attract local and foreign tourists alike. This is the only place in Eastern Europe where it is possible to see the original works of world-famous abstract expressionism founder Mark Rothko.

If you want these eight objects to be the beginning of your Latvian discovery trip, then visit the tourism exhibition-fair “Balttour 2016” from 5 – 7 February! You will have a chance to find inspiration and to obtain information on recently created tourism routes, tourists’ favourite places, the opportunities of leisure activities, gastronomic tours and even ritual baths in the Exhibition Centre’s hall “Apceļo Latviju!”. Furthermore, on all three days, singers and dancers of the Latvian region will perform on the great stage of “Balttour 2016”. Meanwhile in the hall “Atklāj pasauli!” there will be a chance to learn the opportunities of foreign tourism and to go shopping at the travel fair!

The exhibition-fair “Balttour 2016” is organised by the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators (ALTA), and provided by International Exhibition Company BT1. More information on the exhibition is available at

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