Put Liepāja on the List of Your Summer Plans!

If you are currently planning your vacation destination, then welcome to Liepāja. Everything you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell, makes the city unique and very beautiful. Liepāja is alive! During the day enjoy the sun and leisurely stay on a vast beach, while in the evening immerse yourself within a real summer atmosphere at one of the city cafes. Together with friends and family embark on thrilling bike adventures or get acquainted with active leisure possibilities in the waters around Liepāja. Come visit – relax, have fun, do sports, enjoy art and culture!

Liepāja inspires!




1. Enjoy a sunset on the Liepāja beach

On the Liepāja beach, stretching for five miles in the city centre, every vacationer can enjoy the whitest and softest sand.

This place is meant for those who cannot imagine their summer without swimming in the sea and sunbathing on a beach with clean soft sand. Who like to loaf in a lounge chair while slowly sipping a refreshing ice cream cocktail sold a few steps away at a cafe located right here on the beach. Meanwhile childern will adore playground.

Romantically-minded guests admit that the Liepāja beach has the most beautiful sunsets.

2. Enjoy beach partys

After sunset the Liepāja beach is bustling with activity. Each of the beach cafes has something special – one offers a “chill” atmosphere, another – wild parties, though all, without exception, a beautiful view of the night sea, refreshments and an opportunity to experience an unforgettable evening and night at the Liepāja beach. All beach cafes are located close to one another, so one does not have to choose a particular place to visit – you can freely walk along the beach and try out the services offered by each place. Right here on the beach under open sky take place many beach music festivals, widely known both in Latvia and worldwide. Beach and sea are exactly what gives summer parties a completely different flavour.


3. Capture the musical rhythm of Liepāja

In Liepāja everyone can find the most appropriate musical rhythms according to their taste, ranging from musical afternoons in the Seaside Park and live music evenings at one of the restaurants, or receive an energy boost at one of the beach bars after sunset. There is

no shortage of concerts by various soloists and groups. Many favorite youth festivals widely known both in Latvia and beyond take place in Liepāja, such as “Shine Cafe”, “Fontaine

Festival” and “Summer Sound”. Similarly, a proof of music quality and sophistication in Liepāja are exquisite chamber music concerts with the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra.

More information about events in Liepāja


If you happen to notice musical note signs on the city centre’s pavement, follow them and travel through the route “Follow the notes!” and get familiar with the most popular tourist sites. Route map with places to explore is available at the tourism information office. The music path will surely lead you to the Latvian Musicians Alley of Fame where you will see 57 plaques with handprints of different musicians cast in bronze. Kurmājas prospekts has several objects dedicated to Liepāja’s anthem “The city where the wind is born. Song, albeit frozen in bronze, still sounds. Anyone who goes down the Kurmājas Avenue towards the sea will be watched by the curious crow and the boatman, who is also an undertaker, as well as a telephone cable man, sitting on a pole. The path along the anthem’s characters ends up in a crowd of people. Cast in bronze characters from the city’santhem are like an urge to listen in to the sounds of Liepāja.

“Follow the notes!” map of the route here.


4. Go out in Liepāja’s waters for a ship voyage or a boat trip

Like the idea of a boat? Go for a boat trip on the ship”Četri vēji” in Liepāja water area or in the open sea. Or, perhaps, you would like to go for some quality fishing? You can arrange that with the captain as well!

An unhurried vacation with a cheerful company, as a couple or taking a family boat ride on the Liepāja Lake, the Trade Channel or Bārta and Ālande rivers can open city to one’s eyes from a different perspective. Boating enthusiasts can rent kayaks, rowing boats or canoes made in Latvia. By the way, the Liepāja Lake is very popular among fishermen. Maybe it would be a good idea to grab a fishing rod?

Active leisure possibilities.


5. Experience the atmosphere of summer cafes and taste “Amber City”

Make yourself comfortable at one of the cozy summer cafes, enjoy a tasty drink and Liepāja’s summer!

Liepaja coctail “Amber city” - like the scent of honey and tilia flowers during sunset - lime blossom. Like a warm sea bringing shining amber grains ashore... “Amber City” is a genuine gourmet drink, which can be enjoyed at all thebest restaurants, bars and cafes in Liepāja.


6. Try out an electric bicycle

Bicycle lovers shall appreciate the fact that in Liepāja many bike lanes connect the entire or almost the entire city. This allows one to conveniently explore Liepāja’s tourist facilities, as well as do sports outdoors. One might also consider riding through the specially designed cycling routes, the latest of which, for example, is meant for bird watchers, having been created in collobration with an ornithologist. Bicycle enthusiasts are also fond of the bird watching towers located at the Liepāja Lake, which allow for a wonderful view of both the lake and the city. A complete map with bicycle lanes and routes can be obtained freely at the Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office. Useful information: in the Seaside Park near the skate park there is a freely available stand for bicycle repairs.

If you do not have a bike, it can be rented at one of thebike rentals, like here.

Those who love when frolicsome breeze is running through their hair, but do not like the physical activity while cycling, should definitely try the “Blue Shock Bike”electric bicycle. It is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor and a battery, allowing moving faster and without physical exertion.


7. Catch the wind while kite surfing or wakeboarding

Liepāja is the city where the wind is born, as it is sung by Liepāja’s citizens in their city anthem. In turn, the sea wind and waves allow Liepāja to be a paradise for windsurfers and kiteboarders. There is a special area in the central part of Liepāja’s beach where one can freely indulge in this hobby. Karosta also has a suitable place for water sports with the possibility to rent equipment on site –ranging from water skis and water bubbles up to even water motorcycles. At the Beberliņi Lake located nearby visitors can try out cable wakeboarding.

Active leisure possibilities


8. Get some gifts of summer at the Peter’s Market

Would you like to taste some of the first locally grown strawberries? Try a salted cucumber? Buy some fresh vegetables? Spoil yourself with “Kurzeme – style smoked fish? Welcome to the Peter’s Market located in the very city centre! Did you know that the pavilion of Peter’s Market has been recognized as one of the most beautiful market pavilions in Europe?


9. Meet on the Rose Square

From June 1 until August 31 every day at 14:00 a guide holding Liepāja’s flag in his hands shall wait for you on the Rose Square in order to go on an exciting two-hour walking tour around Liepāja’s centre. During the tour you will find out more about interesting places to explore in Liepāja, enjoy the wonderful view of the city from a cathedral’s bell tower, and at the end you will get a refreshing surprise.


10. Feel rough charm of Karosta

Wonderful and paradoxical Karosta sometimes looks like a part of Liepāja, while sometimes as a completely separate world. Karosta is the largest historical military territory in the Baltic States, where the only military detention centre in Europe open for visits is located.

Anyone would agree that even the sea near Karosta is rougher than elsewhere. During stormy weather one can feel here the intense bursts of waves rolling on the breakwater. And when the sea is calm, the 1800 m long breakwater becomes a place for romantic walks. Nearby is located a peculiar place for strolls or history studies –the Northern Forts –a partially destroyed part of the Liepāja Fortress. It is a popular place for making photos –art photos are made here along with completely surreal images such as a photo of steps leading nowhere.




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