Traditional Latvian wool blankets

If you are visiting Latvia, you have most likely noticed the ethnic Latvian symbols and ethnographical ornaments on many objects. If you explore closer, you will be able to get acquainted with the art of ethnic hand-made wool blanket making in Latvia, which is an ancient profession steeped with much tradition.

The wool blankets made by local expert blanket-makers vary in color and detail, and feature various traditional Latvian designs and ethnographical symbols.

There is much variety in color and design of these hand-made blankets. This means that persons have a good chance of finding the perfect blanket to blend in with the interiors of their homes. In any case, these blankets make perfect souvenirs to bring back to persons who can value the beauty of ethnic art and craftsmanship.

Several shops offer a wide range of ethnic blankets, including "Sena Klets" and "Tine" in downtown Riga, as well as "Maksla" in the town of Bauska (southern Latvia). Other shops include "Artava" in the town of Kuldiga (western Latvia), "Veverisas" in Cesis (northeastern Latvia), as well as at the Tukums Weaving Workshop, where persons cannot only purchase traditional wool blankets, but see first-hand how they are made and even have a go for themselves.

Furthermore, regional tourism information centers will always have information on local workshops where ethnic wool blankets are made, where visitors are always welcome to come have a look.





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