The first McDonald’s restaurant outside of Riga will be opened in Daugavpils in a month’s time

Very soon, on 15th November, McDonald’s will open its first restaurant outside of Riga. It will be located in Daugavpils and will mark the beginning of McDonald’s expansion plans into the regions of Latvia. There are currently eight McDonald’s restaurants in Riga, but Daugavpils will have the first two-story restaurant.

“We have ambitious plans for expansion into the regions in order to offer high-quality food along with friendly service, reasonable prices and the unique McDonald’s atmosphere to people in other cities in Latvia. We took into account several factors when choosing the city where to build our first restaurant outside of Riga. Daugavpils is one of the biggest cities in Latvia, and our research confirms that it provides strong opportunities for business. We would also like to thank Daugavpils City Council for being cooperative in regards to opening a new business in the city,” says Tomasz Nawrocki, Managing Director of Premier Restaurants Latvia, McDonald’s representative in the Baltic States.

The new restaurant will be located on 42 18.Novembra Street, next to the Consulate General of the Republic of Belarus. It will be a McDrive restaurant, which serves food in the restaurant premises and it is also possible to conveniently make an order by driving up to the restaurant in a car. The restaurant also includes a McCafe for coffee and pastry lovers, a special Gym and Fun Room for physical activities and entertainment for kids, and a unique Birthday Party Room for hosting children’s parties.

"We also continue to carefully evaluate the opportunities to build new restaurants in other Latvian cities. Currently we are in active negotiations with several businesses and landowners about the appropriate place in cities such as Jelgava and Liepaja, but we will provide more extensive comments as soon as contract will be concluded and we will be able to officially announce the construction of the restaurant," says Tomasz Nawrocki.

The Maltese company Premier Capital is the owner of McDonald’s development license in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece and Malta. Premier Capital employs more than 2000 people in 54 restaurants, which serve more than 24 million customers every year. Premier Capital plans to invest LVL 14 million in development and to expand its network to 35 restaurants in the Baltic States by 2013.


About McDonald’s

McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) is a leading good food fast service provider with more than 32.000 restaurants in 117 countries. Around 80% of McDonald's restaurants are owned by franchises. Additional information on McDonald's is available,, Twitter (@ McDonalds) and Facebook ( / McDonalds).

In Latvia, McDonald's operations began in 1994 by opening a restaurant in the Old Town of Riga. In 2010, McDonald's opened its eighth restaurant in shopping park Alfa in Riga by investing in the creation nearly 500 000 LVL. In Latvia, McDonald's is not only a leading good food fast restaurant chain, but also a good employer – in recent years, the number of employees has nearly doubled, now reaching more than five hundred. McDonald's also offers employment opportunities for disabled people; this option is currently using 20 people. McDonald's has brought in socially responsible business practice by establishing Ronald McDonald House Charities in Latvia in 2007, whose activities are devoted to charitable fund raising and contributions are coming from each sold Happy Meal package.

In Latvia, McDonald's is represented by Premier Restaurants Latvia Ltd, which belongs to the Maltese company Premier Capital. Premier Capital has 54 McDonald's restaurants in the Baltic States, Malta and Greece. The company plans to invest 14 million LVL in development and expansion of the chain to 35 restaurants in Baltic countries by 2013. This year, McDonald's plans to open three McDrive restaurants – two in Riga and one in Daugavpils, that will become the company's first restaurant outside the capital.




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