Germans TV SWR will be transmiited new film about Latvia

On 30Th January on Germans TV SWR will be transmiited new film about Latvia. More information about this film:

Film tell storry not only about Latvian's railways, but also tell about Latvia like tourim country. On film are showing Riga, Viesite, Ventpils, Daugavpils and Jelgava. This is second film about Latvia, like railways tourism country. First film Ein Baltisches Schmalspurmärchen was transmitted on 2009 and was about Lithuania and Latvia narrow gauge railways.

Both films help to create Lithuanian's travel agency, which specialisation is non-standart travel sollution.

Railways enthusiasts is one of most famous hobby in West Europe, most popular in Germany and England, railways enthusiasts not just take pictures of railways, travel with railways, but also have private railways museums, searching and exploring railways history.

TV Programm Eisenbahn-Romantik is 20 years old and have auditorium about 2 mlj viewers. Authors of this film what to say thank You for people which help to create this film - Antra Birzule (Latvian's Railways), Toms Altbergs (Latvian's Railways museum), municipality of Ventspils and Viesite and management of AS "Daugavpils Lokomotîvju Remonta Rupnîca".





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