New tourist routes – ‘Discover Riga by train’

The project ‘Discover Riga by train’ offers city residents and guests the opportunity to discover a completely different Riga – areas surrounding several railway stations and as well as the city’s industrial heritage. The target audience of this project are city residents, as well as Latvian and foreign tourists.

The special tourist routes begin at three stations – Riga Central Station, Zemitana Station and Tornakalns Station. Information on the routes (in Latvian, English and Russia) can be found on the following web-site – and . These web-sites also include information on actual dates of special guided tours.

Furthermore, new routes are added each month. There are over 20 railway stations around Riga, and many of them have various interesting industrial architectural monuments near them. Each station has its own individual story to tell. There are also many historical objects and places near these stations in Riga.

Here are some of the tourist routes on offer:
Area surrounding Zemitanu Station – see what is located behind the Aleksandrs Gate, what the surrounding factories manufactured, and where factory workers relaxed.
Riga Central Station – find out what the ‘new’ and ‘old’ station is, and explore historical part of the city behind the central station.
Tornakalns Station – see the first cobblestone street in Latvia, the Elefantu Bridge, Jelgava Station, the doll factory, and bridges which city residents feared crossing.
Ziemelblazma Station – see the first concrete building in Latvia, the lighthouse and small fishing villages, and the Burtnieku Building.




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