A new tourist attraction dedicated to the Battles of Cēsis will be opened in Ieriķi

At Ieriķi station, a brand-new tourist destination devoted to the Battles of Cēsis will open. One of the significant moments in the Latvian War of Independence was the Battle of Cēsis (1918-1920). The Estonian army's armored trains and the Landeswehr's soldiers engaged in combat at the railroad bridge spanning the Amata River on June 5, 1919, marking the start of the first phase of the Battle of Cēsis. At Ieriķi station, a brand-new tourist attraction has been built to honor this occasion. It will allow visitors to experience historical narratives through virtual reality. Every day, a free five-minute virtual reality binoculars movie of the Battle of Amata Railway Bridge will be made available.

"VR.centrs" created the virtual environment. The production team claims that while the creation of the virtual reality content was a challenging and time-consuming procedure, the actual filming only took one day. It was produced using both computer graphics and 3600 camera footage. The Italian-ordered binoculars, which are frequently used for distant panorama observation, have been technologically modified to display VR content. Technically allowing the binoculars to spin on their axis to give complete viewing of the scenes captured with the 360 camera was a significant problem for the designers. This was accomplished successfully. To gain a complete perspective of the virtual reality story, it's crucial for guests to rotate their binoculars in all directions.

The VR portrayal of the Battle of Amata was created as part of the "Joint Latvian-Estonian Military Heritage Tourism Product (EST-LAT156)" project with support from the Cēsis Municipality and the European Union Structural and Investment Funds Objective "European Territorial Cooperation." The "Military Heritage Tourism" project has improved and made visitor-accessible military heritage sites in Latvia and Estonia that attest to the countries' gain and recovery of independence between the start of World War I in 1914 and 1991. Additionally, a number of military historical tourist paths have been created.

A two-day driving trip called "In the Footsteps of the Battle of Cēsis" has been created for people who want to learn more about the battle. It is available on the Military Heritage Tourism website, militaryheritagetourism.info.





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