Family afternoon dedicated to expeditions at Rundāle Palace Museum

The Rundāle Palace Museum in Latvia invites you to a family day at the exhibition "Doors to History" on Saturday, November 12, from 12 to 14 o’clock. The exhibition details the museum staff's explorations and provides a view into the nuances of the restorers' work.

Rundāle Palace's interiors showcase wonderful items that have already undergone restoration, yet often wind up in the museum in very bad shape. For instance, the exhibition's Latvian manor homes' doors have undergone up to eight paint retouches! The original beauty of the doors can only be seen once the extra paint has been stripped away.

The "Doors to History" exhibition at Rundāle Palace describes the expeditions the Rundle Palace Museum personnel undertook from the 1960s through the 1980s to locate, study, and preserve cultural heritage. These excursions located over 3000 cultural monuments, many of which were also carefully investigated. The state of the items was documented, and an effort was made to determine what they looked like in their original form.

Through a variety of activities, children will learn about the fascinating world that is exposed to the researcher of old structures and artefacts throughout the family afternoon. You will be able to participate in the orienteering game "Complete the exhibition," complete expedition-related puzzles, and build an antique tile out of "scraps."

Children from 5 years old and their parents are welcome to participate in the activities. "Doors to History" exhibition admission ticket is required. Please send an email to [email protected] to sign up in advance.





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