Tourist arrivals in Jūrmala increased by 59% in the summer months

This year's summer months of June, July, and August saw a 59% increase in visitors to Jūrmala compared to last year.

Just behind the capital, Jūrmala continued to rank highly among both domestic and international tourists. Approximately 8% of domestic visitors and 15% of visitors from outside Latvia choose Jūrmala as their summer vacation location.

Given that, the number of visitors is reaching the levels seen in the summer of 2019 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, when there were only 1.6% more visitors than in the summer of 2022, the tourism outcomes of the recent months can be deemed successful.

The trend is toward greater visitor flows, more frequent travel by tourists, and shorter stays in their destinations. The number of overnight stays rose by 44% compared to summer 2021 but fell by 23% compared to 2019. This summer, each visitor stayed for 2.1 days on average.

Most tourists in recent years have traditionally come from the Baltic States of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. Over 60% of the total visitors are from Lithuania and Latvia. The number of visitors from Estonia and Lithuania climbed greatly during the summer of 2021 (+169.8% and +105%, respectively), while domestic visitors decreased somewhat (+85%) from the summer of 2021. Due to restrictions, domestic travel was limited during the Covid-19 epidemic, resulting in an exceptionally high number of domestic travelers. This led to a decline in domestic tourism compared to 2021.

The countries with the highest percentage increases in summer visitor arrivals were Finland, Cyprus, Norway, and the United Kingdom; the large rise in visits from Cyprus was brought on by the presence of sports teams in the area.





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