Latvian brands continue to surprise and delight

The winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, the local brand an & angel, the best-selling wickerwork by BAART, the sustainable lamps made of recycled paper by O Design, the stylish handmade backpacks by Blera Bags... - these and other original creations by local brands will be on display this weekend, 4-6 November, at Furniture & Design Isle 2022 at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre!

Created in Latvia - coveted all over the world

"an & angel" beautifies the world with innovative and functional glass products. In 2013, the company was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Their products are chosen by luxury hotels around the world and loved by interior designers

Wickerwork as a bestseller

Baart Design Studios once made a bench from the lower frame of a sectional sofa when they recycled and restored Soviet-era furniture. To make it more attractive, they came up with the idea of adding upholstery fabric braiding to the surface. In the meantime, the braids have almost become a Baart trademarkWhat's more, the production of this product reduces material waste to a minimum!

The opposite of consumer goods

The idea of a better future and the possibility of reducing waste are brought to you by O Design and its products - sustainable lamps made from recycled paper. Only recycled and natural materials are used to make the lamps. One look at O Design's products shows you what a great effect you can achieve with a seemingly harmless material - paper!

Go for uniqueness!

Blera believes that convenience can also be combined with modern design, and so its backpacks combine both. Carefully handmade, customisable and designed for the urban environment.

These are just some of the brands that will delight visitors with original products made in Latvia. You can see these and more this week, 4-6 November, at Furniture & Design Isle 2022 at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre!





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