Where to Ski in Latvia?

Even during this pandemic, physical activity is not only allowed but even welcomed. There are quite a few mountains and cross-country ski runs in Latvia. They are currently open, follow all COVID-19 safety requirements, and are waiting for you. 

However, if you wish to get a chance to enjoy a ski run this winter season, then you must apply in advance. Merely going to the skiing resort and enjoying the track in a matter of minutes will not be possible this year. Also, many of these places are fully booked for weeks in advance, so be quick! It is advisable, when booking, to find out beforehand if enough rental equipment is available.

BalticTravelnews.com has compiled several Latvian ski tracks, which also operate this season. If you have any additional information about other places where it is possible to ski and rent equipment, please do not keep quiet, but share your experience by writing to BalticTravelnews.com or write in the comments below.


Several cross-country skiing tracks have started operating. More information: www.rigaslepo.lv (in Latvian)


“Andrēnkalni”, Nītaures – Skujenes road. Homepage: www.andrenkalni.lv (in Latvian)

“Baiļi”, Beverīnas county, Kauguri. Homepage: www.baili.lv/en/

Slēpošanas trase Baiļi

“Fischer slēpošanas centrs”, Puķu street 4, Sigulda Homepage: www.siguldassports.lv/en/

Fischer slēpošanas trase

"Gaiziņkalns", Gaiziņkalns, Bērzaune, Madonas county. Homepage: www.gaizins.lv (in Latvian)

Gaiziņa slēpošanas trase

“Ozolkalns”, Ozolkalna sevice, SIA "Saulkrasti" Drabeši, Amatas county. Homepage: www.ozolkalns.lv/winter

“Rāmkalni”, Vītiņkalni, Inčukalna county, Homepage: www.ramkalni.lv/en

“Reiņa trase”, Kalnzaķi, Krimulda. Homepage: www.reinatrase.lv/en/

Reiņa trase

“Rēķu kalns”, “Rēķi”, Sarkaņi, Madonas county. Homepage: www.rekukalns.lv/home

“Riekstu kalns”, "Riekstukalns-3", Baldone, Baldones county. Homepage: www.riekstukalns.lv/en

Riekstu kalna slēpošanas trase

“Siguldas pilsētas trase”, Peldu street 1, Sigulda. Homepage: www.siguldassports.lv/en/

Slēpošanas un biatlona centrs “Cēsis”, Baznīcas street 1, Cēsis. Homepage: www.occesis.lv (in Latvian)

“Smeceres sils”, Sports and recreation base „Smeceres sils“ Lazdona, Madonas county. Homepage: www.smeceressils.lv (in Latvian)

“Žagarkalns”, Cīrulīšu street 70, Cēsis. Homepage: www.zagarkalns.lv (in Latvian)


“Lemberga hūte”, Saules street 141, Ventspils. Homepage: www.lembergahute.lv/en

“Milzkalns”, "Dižkalni", Smārde, Engures county. Homepage: www.milzkalns.lv (in Latvian)


“Egļukalns”, Svente, Daugavpils county.

Homepage: www.eglukalns.lv (in Latvian)





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