The sign “Latvian Herritage” receive 19 entrepreneues of rural tourism

On January 11th Minister of Culture Dace Melbārde, the Chairman of Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) Andris Jaunsleinis and president of LLTA “Lauku ceļotājs” Asnāte Ziemele handed the sign “Latviskais mantojums” ( “Latvian Heritage”) to 19 entrepreneurs of rural tourism. 

The Sign of Latvian Heritage was established at the initiative of LLTA “Lauku ceļotājs”, and in cooperation with Latvian Ministry of Culture and Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, since 2013 the sign is given to tourism-related entrepreneurs who saves and includes Latvian culture and traditional values in everyday life. 

The sign indicates locations at which owners are willing to tell and show things, regale with Latvian cuisine and teach how to celebrate Latvian holidays. Overall already 72 entrepreneurs have received this sign. 

This year the sign “Latvian Heritage” received following entrepreneurs:

• farm “Bitenieki”, Ventspils region, for developing skills of beekeeping.
• bath house “Ziednīca”, Ventspils region, for taking care of wisdom of Latvian lifestyle. 
• Suitu Rija, Alsunga district, for preserving the cultural heritage of Suiti.
• farm “Kurzemnieki”, Talsi region, for tending traditions of fruit-growing in Latvia. 
• cottage “Lūķi”, Ventspils region, for preserving the traditional look of countryside.
• bio-farm “Geidas”, Tukums region, for taking care of dairy farming traditions. 
• farmstead “Puteņi”, Saldus region, for rustic traditions maintenance.
• farmstead “Caunītes”, Ozolnieki region, for taking care of Latvian traditions. 
• bakery “Svētes maize”, Jelgava region, for baking tradition maintenance. 
• recreation complex “Miķelis”, Bauska region, for Latvian countryside and cultural heritage maintenance. 
• farm “Klimpas”, Rūjiena region, for traditional sheep farming conservation.
• Rural fair of Straupe, Pārgauja region, for market tradition maintenance.
• blacksmith Kaspar Auza, Limbaži region, for his blacksmith skills. 
• bath house museum “Birzes”, Sēja region, for bath house tradition use. 
• apiary “Kalnu medus”, Madona region, for taking care of beekeeping traditions. 
• association “Baltaine” Creative house, Koknese region, for taking care of Latvian traditions. 
• ceramist Jānis Seiksts, Madona region, for taking care of pottery traditions. 
• pottery workshop “Dumpji”, Madona region, for taking care of pottery traditions. 
• master of kokle Andris Roze, Amata region, for his traditional instrument construction and playing skills. 




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