On July 31 «Gostūs Latgolā» will take place at Vienības Square

On 31 July 2021 Daugavpils Municipal Tourism Development and Information Agency and the exhibition “Shmakovka Museum” will hold a stake "Gostūs Latgolā" dedicated to Latgale's hospitality and traditions, as well as the 5-year anniversary of the exhibition “Shmakovka Museum”.

Daugavpils Šmakovka museum is 5 years old and in the meantime the museum has become a magnet for Daugavpils tourism, a centre for the preservation of Latgale cultural history and culinary heritage, with the possibility for all residents and guests of the city to explore Latgale's traditions, experience and history.

Throughout the day from 12.00 to 22.00 There will be a number of activities in Daugavpils Vienibas Square, Latgale Home Producer Market and culinary masterclasses from Daugavpils National Associations.

There will also be a “Hi!Story:Latgola” - town orientation game, during which it will be possible to find out more about outstanding people born in Daugavpils and Latgale, to explore Latgale's traditions, culinary and cultural heritage.

´Hi!Story: Latgola” is a city-oriented game. Everyone can participate - families, seniors, children, young people. Participants needs to plan its own route, which can be travelled by any type of transport or by way of foot. As part of the stake, the Latvian Antique Car Club (AAC) will be travelling at Vienības Square. AAC members will take a retro car parade trip to Daugavpils and will hold an exhibition of Soviet time vehicles at Vienības Square and Daugavpils Fortress.

Event is organized by Daugavpils City Council, Daugavpils Municipal Tourism Development and Information Agency, Šmakovka Museum, Latgale Regional Development Agency, National Culture Capital Fund, Latvian State Forests, Antique Car Club.


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