Spend your holiday in Palanga – a summer capital town

Palanga resort, filled with the bustle of holidaymakers in summer, is often titled as the country's summer capital. During the warm season crowds of residents and foreign visitors come here tempted by the blue waves of the Baltic Sea and its sandy beaches. Loud music emanating from the bars, nightly entertainment, extreme water recreation, sanatoriums, cultural and sightseeing attractions means that everyone here can find the best way to relax and have fun.

Palanga sightseeing

Basanaviciaus is the main street in the town. It has become the most popular strolling place in summer, always vibrant with life: it has the highest number of cafes, bars, pubs, music, dancing and other entertainment. This street leads towards the bridge of Palanga. The bridge is extending to the Baltic Sea for 470 m is one of the symbols of the town without which it is difficult to imagine the resort. Every night crowds of holidaymakers come on it to farewell the sunset.
Other no less attractive place of the town is the beautiful Tiskevičiai palace, and the huge surrounding park designed by E. Andre. The park has more than 230 species of trees and shrubs, its ponds are filled with white swans while a quite high sand dune reminds of the former pagan temple that once has been standing in the place. But most visited is the Amber Museum situated in Tiskevičiai palace. It introduces the diversity and history of the "Lithuanian gold", and the exhibition is famous of the world's largest collection of inclusions. At the end of summer concerts and poetry evenings are organised on the impressive terrace of the palace.

Fun for every traveller

Palanga can be called the summer capital town also because this resort town has a big and abundant selection of entertainment keeping away the boredom:
- Those who like to attend events can choose from more than 600 offers. During the summer season opening, Palanga offers various choirs and popular music festivals, classical music evenings, car racing, international dog shows and different sporting events.

- Those looking for entertainment until the early hours of the day can dance in many nightclubs, some of which are even located on the beach. You do not have to look far away for tasty food: Palanga has to offer hundreds of different restaurants, cafes, bars and casinos.

- Those who like active recreation can travel in Palanga and around on bikes, try a horseback riding, rent water bicycles or motorcycles, stop by the tennis courts, have a fun in SPAs and swim in the pools.

- Those looking for peace can relax in sanatoriums, quietly walk in magnificent parks or pine forests, stroll on the sand at the seaside or visit the attractions of Palanga.



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