Branch of the new Science Centre AHHAA will be opened in Tallinn

After few weeks a new АННАА science and recreation centre for all the family will be opened in premises which are located under the Estonian capital city Tallinn, Vabaduse Square. Similarly, a cafe, public toilets, Youth Information Centre and municipal police department will be opened under the Vabaduse Square.

But the most interesting object will be AHHAA centre, whose first visitors are intended to be received on August 21, 2009 when also the official opening of the renovated square will take place. Manager of the Communal Department of Tallinn admits that now it is difficult to assess how much did such a project cost, since it is a part of the square’ s reconstruction plan. Town hall decided not to disclose an underground street for trading in Vabaduse.

AHHAA centre is already operating in Tartu, but the exhibitions have already been held in several cities of Estonia. According to the manager of the Tartu centre Tiiu Sild, at the Tallinn branch everyone will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the same mysterious world. All the objects and exhibits will be possible to touch by hands as well as to try them. The first exhibition will be under the topic – sport. Some exhibits will be dedicated to athletics and various games – volleyball, football and basketball. However, the second part will be dedicated to motorsport – the very popular Formula-1.

Many of the exhibits are made in Great Britain and Austria, and have cost several million Estonian kroons. The interactive exhibits will be a key part of the exhibition and they are expected to be renewed or replaced every six months.

Also, one of the most interesting objects of the exhibition will be a huge sandpit, where the number of sand grains will be about seven billion. This symbolizes our planet's population. Different objects, which will historically mark the town and its future, will be placed in the sandpit. For example, copies of gold coins what has been found in archaeological excavations of the town could be found by slightly sifting the sand.

There will be also a well in the centre which will make illusions of depth-forming effect, as well as aircraft flight simulator. There will be even a cinema, which will not be large, i.e., only nine seats, but it will be possible to watch the 4D movies there. It is worth mentioning that films for this project have already been starting to shoot in Estonia. Four million Estonian kroons have been spent to arrange the cinema.

According to the manager of the Tartu centre, the entrance ticket price will be lower than they actually should be, because AHHAA visit – it is not only cheery and cognitive activity, but also affordable to visitors. The centre receives support from both Tartu and Tallinn Ministry of Education and Science.

AHHAA centre all annotations are translated also into Russian. Guides who are happy to answer all the questions also work at the centre.

АННАА centre of Tallinn is located in Vabaduse Square, and the total area is 824.7 m2, as well as the Youth Information Centre will be located in the centre. It should be noted that AHHAA was founded in 1997 by initiative of the University of Tartu.

Further details:

Photogallery of Tartu AHHAA centre: click here



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