TOP museums in Estonia with a twist

Many of Estonia’s smallest museums are also the most quirky. With something for all interests, from design to natural history, these exhibits inform visitors about the unique aspects of local life.

Art and technology museums

Estonia is home to successful modern technology and design industries, but you can also look into the past of computers, printing, filmmaking and industrial design at these museums - Järva-Jaani Cinema Museum, TYPA Printing and Paper Arts Centre, Computer Museum, Tallinn University of Technology Museum.

Nature museums

Get to know the geology and ecology of Estonia. Learn about the important role the Baltic sea, forests, national rock - limestone and other phenomena play in local culture - Käsmu Sea Museum, Sagadi Forest Museum, Porkuni limestone museum, Kaali Meteoritics and Limestone Museum.

Museums for families and children

Forget what you know about ‘boring’ museums - these places are a childhood dream. Kids will love these exhibits where they can learn to drive, see vintage toys, stage plays with dolls and climb inside a real submarine - Estonia Road Museum, Tartu Toy Museum, Seaplane Harbour (Estonian Maritime Museum), NUKU (Puppet) Museum.

History and science museums

Travel back in time and get a glimpse into the lives of subterranean miners, army soldiers and political prisoners. At the same time, gain a better understanding of Estonian history and industry - Tallinn University of Technology Museum, Estonian Mining Museum, Valga Military Theme Park, KGB Cells Museum.

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