ARTscape presents Estonia (Tallinn 2011)

As February is the month when Estonia celebrates its Independence day, ARTSCAPE invites you to get to know contemporary art, jazz and cinema from this Baltic neighbor.

Gallery “Vartai” presents an exhibition “Beauties of Suburbia” with Estonians artists Kaido Ole and Marko Mäetamm joined by a Lithuanian Eglė Ridikaitė. The creators do not set a mission to solve the problems of the humankind, but do the opposite: they confront us with the routine existence condensing the colours and infusing it with absurd, violence or irony. Kaido Ole in his works shows the helplessness while trying to make the “right” decision and discloses the illusion of “free choice”. Works of Marko Mäetamm, filled with black humor, transform everyday situations into paranoic nightmares. In her stencils-like canvas Eglė Ridikaitė converts “uniform beauties” of the block-of flats into meaningless but very familiar patterns.

ARTSCAPE presents Estonian free improvisation music with “Free Tallinn Trio”, which involves Anne-Liis Poll, a professional choir conductor and vocalist, pianist Anto Pett and Jaak Sooäär, one of the leading jazz guitarists in Estonia. The three creative personalities express their freedom in daring and intriguing musical exchanges born on the spot. Their music fuses elements of academic, jazz and improvised music giving rise to a new territory sparkling with reflections of jazz, rock, opera and contemporary chamber music. The concert will also feature young talented Lithuanian jazz duo: Dmitry Golovanov, a keyboard virtuoso, equally at ease with acoustic piano and electronic keyboard, as well as with computers, and Jan Maksimowicz, a saxophonist, master of polystylistic voices, praised for his emotional and mature music making and extraordinary creative verve.

Film directors in Estonian film programme analyse painful historical realities by choosing the stylistics of reportage film or the novel. “Baltic Love” will start the programme – three different love stories of three Baltic states told in a year very important for all countries – 1991. Andres Sööt’s “The Year of The Horse” will continue a topic of Estonian liberation while another famous documentalist Mark Soosaar in his film “The First Citizen of Estonia” will introduce two most outstanding Estonian politicians. Film programme will be complete with drama “Taarka” telling a story about legendary folk singer.



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