The Riga-Stockholm route will be operated only by «M/S Isabelle» cruiseferry

AS Tallink Group has entered into an agreement with Bridgemans Services Ltd. on the M/S Isabelle Silja Europa charters to Australia, which will become the new ferry hub, starting with August. These changes mean that certain ferries will be relocated into existing Tallink routes.

Given that, Tallink is planning to implement the following changes: the M/S Baltic Queen ferry,  which is currently operating on the Tallin-Stockholm route, will be relocated to the Tallin-Helsinki route, possibly starting from August 7, 2014. The M/S Romantika ferry, currently operating on the Riga-Stockholm route, will be working on the Tallin-Stockholm route from now on. M/S Isabelle will continue its route from Riga to Stockholm.

Since the M/S Silja Europa charter agreement and route changes, a need to cut jobs arose. Negotiations with trade unions are already underway.

AS Tallink Grupp Chair Deputy Andres Hunt reported that these changes are necessary to improve the company’s operational efficiency and profitability. "In comparison to the M/S Baltic Queen, which was built in 2009, the maintenance costs of M/S Silja Europa, built in 1993, are considerably higher, especially considering the new fuel regulations coming into force in 2015," he stated.

Tallink will personally contact all passengers whose trip plans may have suffered from these changes.

"In order to optimize the company’s fleet and raise the route efficiency, AS Tallink Grupp will continue to consider various alternatives that could create changes in the future," added Hunt.

M/S Silja Europa charter agreement is effective for 14 months with a possible extension to 48 months.

AS Tallink Grupp is one of the leading passenger shipping companies on the Baltic Sea, transporting 9.3 million passengers annually and employing up to 7000 people in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Russia and Germany. The company operates six different shipping routes under brands of Tallink and Silja Line in the northern part of the Baltic Sea.

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