Exhibition Riga Shipyard - 100

The exhibition tells a story about the company "Rīgas kuģu būvētava" (Riga Shipyard), one of the largest and oldest shipbuilding companies of the entire Baltic Sea region. More than 130 ships coming from different countries of the world are repaired here annually. Founded 100 years ago, Riga Shipyard continues offering ship repair, building and conversion services to European and Scandinavian clients.

"Rīgas kuģu būvētava" (Riga Shipyard) was founded in 1913. The shipyard was destroyed in World War II. Restoration of "Rīgas kuģu remonta rūpnīca" (Riga Ship Repair Factory), as the shipyard was called at that time, was started in 1944. Casting, corpus welding, assembly workshops were built in the process of restoration. Reconstruction of the shipyard was launched in 1963, during which wharfs were built, floating docks were set up, covering workshop arranged, as well as energetics part and storage of the shipyard was developed. During the Soviet times Riga Ship Repair Factory was the largest shipyard in the Baltic region, where ships of sea and scientific research ships were repaired, as well as ferry boat and oil tankers were built. Riga Shipyard was privatised in 1995. More than 70 ships have been built in Riga Shipyard during the last 35 years.

02.01 - 30.04.2014

Adress: Palasta iela 4, Rīga




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