Two destinations within one trip with Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways now offers attractive opportunities to visit two destinations within one trip. When travelling to the world with Etihad, your journey goes through Abu Dhabi. Why not stop in Abu Dhabi for a couple of days using the favorable terms offered by Etihad Airways. Thus you can enjoy the adventures and luxury offered by Abu Dhabi on top of your experiences in the final destination.

To make it easy to enjoy such two-centered holiday, Etihad Airways has arranged attractive terms for all guests for such short term stop in Abu Dhabi. For business class guests Etihad offers one night of accommodation in Abu Dhabi free of charge, for first class guests even two nights are complimentary. Economy class guests can enjoy first night for a very special rate and second night for free when staying for two nights Prices start from USD 44 per person for two nights.

Furthermore, all Etihad Airways guests can choose to travel from Abu Dhabi airport to Dubai instead of staying in Abu Dhabi. This travel is arranged by land and is free of charge for all Etihad Airways guests. Guests travelling in premium classes can enjoy this transfer in a private limousine. Economy class guests are welcome to use Etihad coach. Travel time is just 45 minutes.

More info about Etihad Airways stopover products is available here.




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