Musical picnic at the Sabile Wine Festival

During the last weekend of July, from July 23 to 26, the charming Latvian town of Sabile will once again celebrate its annual Wine Festival, which has over the years become one of the most popular annual events not only in Talsi Region, but also an anticipated event for the whole of Kurzeme Province.

The festival itself can be described as simple yet very sincere, while at the same time full of humor and lots of fun.

The main day of the festival will be Saturday (July 25), when the traditional wake-up call for the town’s residents will take place in the morning. On this day, an arts and crafts market will be held, a special wine market, wine tastings, as well as merry dances, performances and many other fun events for young and old. The festival will also hold its annual theatrical parade through the town’s streets, with this year’s theme "celebrations" allowing participants to take up various roles in the parade. In the evening, the traditional fire-sculpture event will be held at Karātava Hill, which will be followed by the always boisterous barnyard dance at the town’s open-air stage.

Meanwhile, for those not able to attend the festival, a special wine tour through Kurzeme Province has been created, which offers travelers a romantic tour through the province’s charming and picturesque towns and villages – Kandava, Sabile, Renda, Kuldīga, Aizpute and Durbe.




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