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Land art object “Rood Cut” is open at Pedvāle

On August 9, a land art object “Rood Cut” of Tanya Preminger (Israel) was opened in the Open-Air Art Museum of Pedvāle.

The object "Rood cut" is designed from the ground and its dimensions are 75 m x 60 m, height – 4.5 m. Object's shape represents the cross – two wide and deep furrows across each other. These furrows open the ground, uncovering the ground layers. This object is one of the biggest works in Pedvāle. It is special, because it is not made by any other material but earth and grass layer of Pedvāle.

Similar to ritual cuts to the human body, creating scars that symbolised a certain social status and experience, Preminger’s work will be a sort of ritual cut to the body of Earth.

The artwork made in Pedvāle is a part of the international project "Memories of the Future", which provides several procedural and visual art’s activities. The project began on 7th June with the performances “Latvian Stone Seed for Israel” in Pedvāle. It will finish at the end of the year, when Ojārs Feldbergs will bring the Latvian Stone Seed (a special in Pedvāle ritually and creatively grown stone) to Israel to plant it in the ground by creating new artistic object.

In the opening of the object "Rood Cut" of Tanya Preminger, artists and guests had a walk from the Pedvāle museum to the Briņķi hill where the new artwork is situated. As the work is dedicated to ground, during the opening the ground was honoured with songs and creative rituals.

The event was attended by Israeli Ambassador in Latvia Hens Ivri Aptera and Chairman of Talsi Regional Council – Miervaldis Krotovs.

After the formal part of the event guests helped themselves with Pedvāle special drink "Milk River on Shores of Jelly."

Opening hours of the Open-Air Museum at Pedvāle every day 10:00 – 18:00.




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