The project "Nature Gallery" starts the new summer season - with an offer for individual sessions and accommodations, as well as group sessions!

The project

Special gastronomic meals are offered in nature - at a table with the stream in the middle, on levitating logs, and, fish is baked in earth turf and bread in a fireplace according to the ancient method, as well as dessert, which is served in installations of artistic natural phenomena.

The project "Nature Gallery" - a place where nature becomes an art object, where natural objects and phenomena interact with people, playing the music of nature on the strings of emotions, was created by the creative association "Skudras Metropole" and the design solutions company "Don’t Panic", who since the beginning of the pandemic have already surprised with the levitating Mirror House above the Amata River, as well as with the Floating Island in Lake Mordanga, and winning several prestigious international Awards.

"Nature Gallery" combines design, installation art, gastronomy and culture. It is a place where nature becomes a work of art. "Nature Galleries" guests can spend the night in a uniquely designed "Nature Galleries" house, which mechanically rotates around its axis and surprises with its sliding terrace. Turning to each side of the sky, the house frames the landscape captured by the guests' eyes. For an additional fee, you can enjoy an unprecedented cinema experience - "Cinema on the lake".

In the individual daytime rituals for 2-4 people, it is possible to enjoy a "+- Meal in 360 degrees", walk a forest path, hear 8 audio stories about natural objects, in which scientific facts are combined with poetic texts, introducing visitors to the peculiarities of plants. It is possible to see nature installations and listen to poetry from the trees. For an additional fee, you can enjoy the musical performance "Sound in 360 degrees" on the hill of sounds, composed by musician and composer Toms Mikāls.

The "Nature Gallery" concept envisages feeling the presence of nature through various aspects. Nature - the healer of the soul, nature - the initiator of feelings, nature - the inspirer of art and design. "Nature Gallery" - a unique design in which nature and humans come together in a respectful interaction, creating a connection with nature, which has a beneficial effect on health, working capacity and the mental world. The project was created for people who are looking for the presence of nature and are ready for new experiences.

In the "Nature Gallery", visitors can enjoy contemporary poetry from the trees or attend a musical performance of the "Nature Gallery" installations - "Sound in 360 degrees" on a special sound hill and "Cinema in 360 degrees" on the lake. The selection of films and concerts was created together with LMT Television.

Objects - insects, mosses, branches and other living creatures or elements of nature - are also marked on the gallery path, which, together with an audio text summarizing the scientific facts of biophilia and the specific nature element, provide an additional idea of the natural processes.

Actors, poets, text authors, composers, nature experts and biologists participated in the creation of the project.

Individual sessions and accommodations, as well as group sessions, are available in the "Nature Gallery".

For groups of up to 20 people in the "Nature Gallery", a sensory adventure is offered, which includes a hike, 8 audio stories about natural objects, poetry from trees, a Nature meal created jointly by chef Raimonds Zommers and the creative association "Skudras Metropole" and, at the end, a visit to nature installations.

During the hikes Natural Meal, fish is baked in earth turf and bread in a fireplace according to the ancient method. We surprise the participants of the hike with an edible stone, treat them with heather honey and other forest and field goods and gifts.

Already in the first years, the project has achieved excellent results - it has been evaluated in the world, in the Baltics and in Latvia. Both as an innovative, contemporary platform for cultural events and events, as an example of the concept of sustainability and biophilia, as a modern uniting event for work teams or any other teams, as a recreation place for work teams, as a unique design product, as the best installation created in the interaction of culture and nature, as also as the best tourism export product in Latvia, receiving the "Most exportable new tourism product" award in 2022.

The project received 1 Grand Prix award, 8 Gold awards, 2 Bronze awards. The many awards, the assessment of experts in the world, the Baltics and Latvia, the great interest and demand of the media show the current importance of the project, its compliance with the modern trends of the era and its importance for the benefit of society.

The creative team is happy to be able to show both local and foreign tourists how beautiful Latvia is, because they are proud of it.
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