New tourism road and map «Discover neighbours in Zemgale!» for families with children

New tourism road and map «Discover neighbours in Zemgale!» for families with children

This year Latvian – Lithuanian border tourism specialist was working on new ideas for the traditional travel campaign “Discover neighbours in Zemgale!”  and decided to change its concept. For seven years - Bauska, Biržai, Pasvalys, Pakruojis and Joniškis district municipalities during the summer was organizing common travel campaign where visitors could explore different tourism objects, do some tasks and selfies and get prizes - bicycles. This travel campaign was very popular and brand “KaiminiZemgale” are very well-known that’s why was decided to do something new.  The main tendency for several years is that during summer a lot of families with children are travelling along the border and are asking advice to recommend object that are suitable for them. As our territory are rich with interesting places, was decides to is issued practical tourism map with 150 objects where is included museums, activities, nature and active recreation objects, also catering and overnight places that are suitable for families with children for short day tours or for a weekend trip.

Here come’s idea for a weekend trip route:

If we start a trip in Latvia - visit Open-air Museum “Ausekļu dzirnavas” near Bārbele. Here you can see old farm with water and windmills, ancient tools, it is possible to bake bread or order pancake degustation, also picnic area and children’s playground are available. In Skaistkalne, near the Latvia – Lithuania border visit an interactive exposition about sinkholes at Skaistkalne Magazine barn and explore how they occur. It is possible to take part in gips workshop and go with a guide to sinkhole area to see them in Skaistkalne wood.  

Pass the Mēmele (Nemunėlis) River bridge and go to Lithuania - to  Biržai. Visit Kirkilai Lake and Observation Tower and area around which is famous with unique nature, variety of landscapes, rare species of plants and animals. You also find there a sightseeing trail with a sound trap, benches and a children's playground, areas for BBQ and picknicks. In Biržai town we invite you to Biržai Regional Park Information Centre where you will be interactively get acquainted with the expositions installed, which introduces you to the exceptional values of Biržai protected areas, since Biržai region is famous for sinkholes and interesting geological processes.

From Biržai travel towards Pasvalys to the Raubonys Amusement Park, known as the lithuanian "Disneyland". Here you will be greeted by roaring dinosaurs, friendly animals, a coffin trail, colorful carousels and other attractions. Then stop by the Pasvalys Regional Museum, where modernity ingeniously combines with the historical past. Newly installed, interactive exhibitions will interest both the little ones and their parents.

For the second day we recommend visit Pakruojis. There you should see Pakruojis Fire Station that was built in 1928. Cultural events and exhibitions are organized in the “civic hall” of the building. The memorial room of Prof. S. Ušinskas is founded an exposition for firefighting works in this building. The sculpture of Pakruojis City 1531 made of bronze and dolomite stone by sculptor Martynas Gaubas, carves the date of the foundation of the town of Pakruojis – "1531" and depicts the most important historical and cultural objects of the town. The sculpture is interactive by moving elements that change direction with the help of mounted rails.

From Pakruojis go to Joniškis and visit Basketball Museum. The only basketball court in the country on the ceiling with handprints of basketball players who visited the museum, T-shirts of Lithuanian and foreign basketball legends, sports shoes of impressive size, autographs, the most prestigious awards they earned and presented to the museum. After it go to visit Žagarės Ozas Nature Trail. It is a sand and gravel line of earth formed by glaciers, considered one of the longest ridges in the Baltics.

When returning from Lithuania to Latvia visit Rundāle Watermill Museum, Mežotne Hillfort, Bauska Museum and its branch “Lejenieki”, Amusement Park “Labirinti” and the Mini Zoo “Dobuļi”.

Visit Bauska, Vecumnieki, Biržai, Pasvalys, Pakruojis and Joniškis tourist information centers, take the map, and get advice for Your family trip! For children at tourist information centers are prepared special surprise! KaiminiZemgale welcomes you!




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