Travelling benefits for vaccinated people

The Latvian Government on May 13 2021, decided that people who are entering Latvia from any European Union country, Switzerland and the United Kingdom will no longer have to comply with the 10 day self-isolation if they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The vaccinated people will have to prove that at least 15 days have passed after the full vaccination course and that vaccination has been carried out with a vaccine recognised by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organisation.

An electronic certificate has not yet been introduced in Latvia, so in order to ensure the possibility for medical practitioners to issue a certificate regarding vaccination in the most convenient way, the regulations shall include a statement form regarding the fact of vaccination in Latvian and English.

Self-isolation when returning to Latvia, will have for people, who have been in third world countries. This condition will be valid because new forms of virus are spreading in some of these countries and it is very important to prevent them from spreading in Latvia.

A week later, the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia could discuss the next steps. One of the Ministry of Health's proposals is to introduce exemptions for the use of facial masks in workplaces where no more than 20 people are present in one room and in which all people have been vaccinated. It is a controlled environment where the employer can assume responsibility for the safety of employees and entrust someone to check that all those present have been vaccinated.

Discussions on additional benefits are likely due to an increase in the number of vaccinated people. Forecasts show that at the end of June the first dose of the vaccine could be received by more than half of Latvia's population in the age group over 16 years, the two doses - approximately 40%. That will allow for exceptions to assembly restrictions, access for services and visiting events. Until then digital solutions will also be in place to make it more comfortable to certify the fact of vaccination.




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