Quarantine: a game of survival

Unjustified restrictions imposed by influence of COVID-19 in most parts of the world have seriously jeopardized all tourism and related industries. The Baltic States are no exception: the seriousness of the situation in local hotels, restaurants, and travel companies is not yet properly understood by the authorities or ordinary citizens, who have not been directly affected by these restrictions in their own business or by losing their job.

Therefore, we, the organizers of the project "Quarantine: a game of survival", decided to conduct a social experiment - an Internet show, and look at the problem from the other side - with the eyes of an ordinary tourist. How attractive is "inbound" tourism in the current environment? What problems do travelers face today?

To find out we will accommodate 20 volunteers in 10 apartment rooms in one of the most comfortable apartment hotels in the Old Town of Riga for 10 days, in strict compliance with the standards defined by the Latvian government's self-isolation rules. Participants' task: various creative and psychological tasks will have to be performed during the whole experiment, observing all restrictive requirements.

One pair will be eliminated from the game every day. The winner will receive the main prize: a month of free accommodation at the hotel and gifts from our partners. Everything that happens at the hotel during these ten days will be widely covered on social networks and partner media. With special emphasis on every day, social and psychological problems that players will have to face during the experiment.

After all, these difficulties - without any experimentation - are encountered by city guests every day. In this way, we will try to draw public attention to a problem that has been created solely artificially.

The show will be held in compliance with all legal norms. The authors of the idea of the experiment are www.ostrov.ee | www.in360.ee and the owners of Sherlock Art Hotel Riga, where the show will take place. Moderator: SWH+ radio host Natalia Olesik.

Sites: www.survivalgame.eu | www.survivalgame.lv | www.survivalgame.ee




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