The project Monument Wars starts this month

The project "Monument Wars" foresees placing objects in the center of Riga, on which in turn monuments of four countries – Russia, Germany, Sweden and Poland – will be displayed. The monuments will be displayed in the context of materials about the historic expansion of Germany, Russia, Poland and Sweden in Latvia. Visitors will be able to take pictures with the objects in the background, therefore symbolically including themselves as a subjective object of the exhibition.

The basis of "Monument Wars" project is historic context, thus, aiming to accentuate relationship of power and culture. Riga has been on the crossroads in every century. Every power has affirmed and perpetuated itself by monuments it left to testify about its reign. The crossroads of Brīvības and Elizabetes streets, occupied by the monument of Lenin until the second independence will turn into platform for work of four sculptors from Russia, Germany, Sweden and Poland since these are the states, which Riga’s and Latvia’s history has become inextricably linked with. A singular podium will contain four sculptors created by these artists, which will rise from this sheath in turn, competing amongst themselves for primacy.

Curator – Aigars Bikše

Crossroad of Brīvības and Elizabetes streets in front of Cabinet of Ministers

Begins: 27.03.2014





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