From July 7, Oviši, Užava and Akmeņrags lighthouses will be open to visitors

Starting from July 7, the lighthouses of Oviši, Užava and Akmeņrags managed by the Ventspils Freeport Authority will be open again and will be waiting for visitors.

Subject to current national measures to control the spread of Covid-19, the lighthouses will be open to vaccinated, recovered from Covid-19 or tested persons who can present a valid certificate, as well as children under 12 years of age.

The Ventspils Freeport Authority is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the oldest lighthouse in Latvia - Oviši lighthouse, romantic Užava lighthouse and Akmeņrags lighthouse, which is the most remote from populated areas. Assessing the value of industrial cultural heritage and people's interest, the Ventspils Freeport Authority has made them available for public inspection.

The oldest in Latvia - Oviši lighthouse

Latvia's oldest Oviši lighthouse is located on the Oviši headland, 360 meters from the shoreline. The lighthouse is still in operation and is included in the list of cultural monuments protected by the State. Tower height - 37 m. There is also an interactive exposition that allows visitors to learn about the history of the lighthouses and their operation in an exciting way.

The most romantic in Latvia - Užava lighthouse

Užava lighthouse is included in the list of state protected cultural monuments and is located ~ 20 kilometers south of Ventspils. Užava lighthouse is located on one of the three high wooded dunes, which reach a height of 28 meters. Tower height - 19 m.

The most remote of the settlements - Akmeņrags lighthouse

Akmeņrags lighthouse, located ~ 80 km from Ventspils, can be reached by driving from Ziemupe. The lighthouse is the main ornament of Akmeņrags - when you climb it, you have a unique view of the sea and the surrounding forests. Tower height - 38 m.

All current information about the working hours of the lighthouses and the procedure for visiting here


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