AsparaGoose, restaurant

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Philosophy and working principles

AsparaGoose is not only a fashion trend, but also a healthy food restaurant. The concept of the restaurant is based on the need to provide people with healthy and balanced food that can be purchased on the go.
Food additives and sugar are not included in the dishes. Some dishes are cooked using the sous-vide technology, which saves useful properties of ingredients. AsparaGoose is Mecca for athletes, as the dishes are balanced in the correct proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Vegans and vegetarians will enjoy a wide range of dishes made from vegetables, legumes, cereals and fruits. Here You can find hummus, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, vegetable salads and dairy free puddings. For those who wish to have delicious coffee, Asparagoose offers a wide range of coffee beverages made from ecological coffee beans, which not only boosts energy but also benefits Your health.
AsparaGoose products can be purchased at AsparaGoose restaurants, at the airport "Riga" and in the city centre on Birznieka Upisha Street 20A, as well as in the bakery BakeBerry and in the ONZE dining-restaurant.

Ernesta Birznieka-Upīša iela 20A