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Philosophy and working principles

KASDĀRZĀ is a game. Both literally and figuratively. Our game started by carefully restoring the historical Riga park gardener's lodge, which hides by the Riga Canal, under the lush linden trees and wide terraces. Nearby, the dark of the night is teased by the illuminated glass of a greenhouse behind which basil and thyme grows for the next days’ dinner.

We also play with music. Each evening of the week usually starts with a live music concert. The musicians' performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings overflow with various DJ set vibes and the sounds of their record collections, and thus this festive game with classical and exotic cocktails continues late into the night. And don't be surprised if in "KASDĀRZĀ", you see unprecedented depth in the eyes of a beautiful stranger. Because that is also a game.

The "KASDĀRZĀ" game continues in the kitchen – by gathering fresh veggies from a farm on the outskirts of Tukums and a garden from Ķekava, calling for hunters from Kandava and Ventspils municipality and fishermen from Salacgrīva to get the best of what Latvia's land, forests and waters can offer. And then our cooks create magic with their pots and pans to offer you an unprecedented game of flavours.

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