Sezona, restaurant

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Philosophy and working principles

SEZONA club-restaurant is YOUR biggest summer surprise adventure in RIGA! The club-restaurant, SEZONA, offers you a taste of real holiday adventure, charged with a definite feelgood factor at 12 Audēju Street in Riga’s Old Town. With an emphasis on excellent service, a friendly approach, and sparkling energy levels, the team at SEZONA proves that even in the very middle of the city they can make you feel as if you were in one of the world’s best resort beach restaurants! In collaboration with Perrier, the world’s leading mineral water producer, our barmen serve fantastic cocktails which will not only surprise you with their creative decorations, but will also provide you with a real summer taste explosion. In parallel with preparing summery cocktails and drinks, the barmen at SEZONA will surprise you with the ways in which they can serve drinks and with exciting shows that you will not have seen before in Riga. The menu has been created by our chef, and combines the tastes of traditionally Latvian and world cuisine, allowing you at SEZONA to enjoy an array of familiar foods that are supplemented by contemporary, extravagant, and original nuances. No holiday or weekend can go without good music and dancing. This is why DJs, bands, and performances by artists and dancers will be a daily part of the schedule at SEZONA, and will provide you with the perfect party.
Audēju iela 12, Rīga, LV-1050


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